NYPD has successfully completed:
•  Fifty million square feet of drywall
•  30,000 units including:
    •  Office suites
    •  Retail stores
    •  Residential apartments
    •  Hotel rooms
    •  Hospital rooms
    •  Hundreds of single family architectural

See what we can do for you.

Building a Solid Foundation

NY Professional Drywall Of OC has been providing quality drywall estimation, management and construction services since 1996. Family owned and operated, NYPD has quickly grown from residential houses and condominiums to large-scale apartment buildings, hospital and office building projects. With our years of experience and dedicated one-on-one service, we can complete your project to your specifications regardless of scope.

Planning for Success

Successful projects begin during the planning stage. Our state-of-the-art estimating and management system allows us to forecast, digitally recreate and estimate the costs and time your project will require. You will also be assigned a project manager to guide you through every aspect of the project from estimation to planning and completion.